Posture Challenge

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31 Days to Stronger Posture

Join us for a month-long challenge to improve posture, through awareness, control and environment. One little change each day can make a big positive impact on your health and outlook!

Day 24 Best Rest

StrongPosture® Tip 24: Extra support for your sleep posture Positioning for upper body and hips to avoid pain Posture is how you hold your body...
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Day 23 Leg Crossing

Tip 23: Sitting Habits Working towards symmetry The 31 Days to Stronger Posture started with taking your posture picture, either with a camera of using the...
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Day 22 Office Chair

Tip 22: Changing positions during the day Sit Smart Are your home, work and exercise environments optimized for your body? When you must sit, choose a...
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May is Posture Month! As Week 4 begins we’ll learn strategies to great Life Habits that support and strengthen strong posture in everyday life. This week...
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Day 21 Self Massage

Tip 21: Basic DIY Massage Self help techniques to relax Nothing beats a therapeutic massage from a trained professional. Massage keeps your muscles working, your body...
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Day 20 Travel Posture

Tip 20: Make the Most of Challenging Environments Be prepared to ACE Your Posture Your posture environment is the physical space in which you put your body....
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Day 19 Posture Break to Move

Tip 19: Ball Circles Get on the ball! Here’s a quick posture break that incorporates a motor control exercise (MCE). New back pain recommendations from American...
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Day 18 Lifting

Tip 18: Lift with your core, keep it close Bend and lift with awareness Stack each PostureZone® and Use your Core According to the Bureau of...
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Day 17 Ball Swap

Tip 17: Swap your chair with an exercise ball Active sitting Excessive sitting is now recognized as a true health hazard, and currently the average person sits...
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Day 16 Pillow Check

Tip 16: Choose the best pillow for your sleep position Wake up refreshed We should spend nearly 1/3 of our life in bed. Sleeping really...
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Day 15 Frequent Activity

Tip 15: Find Opportunities to Move Sit strong, but not too long! Work is what most people do, most of the time. And, most people sit...
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May is Posture Month! As Week 3 begins we’ll learn a motion exercise to make us aware of our sitting posture. This week we’ll focus on the...
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Day 14 Motor Control Exercise

Tip 14: Move Better with StrongPosture® Good Posture Requires Control Posture is about balance, and that means a lot more than just alignment or standing up...
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Day 13 Sleep Posture

Tip 13: Check Your Mattress Sleep well and you might wake up smarter! Everyone knows sleep is important, but until recently no one knew exactly why....
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Day 12 Nordic Walking

Tip 12: Step Up Your Stroll Mindful Movement Mindful posture, standing your tallest, is important because it’s the beginning of moving tall.  Balanced posture means muscles...
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Day 11 Stop to Breathe

Tip 11: Posture Break – Breathe Deeply Posture and Breathing Nowadays many people sit an average of 13 hours a day.  Sitting folded in front of...
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Day 10 Workplace Posture

Tip 10: Check Your Work Life Habits Can you improve your workspace? A recent study showed that when people sitting at work know their posture...
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Day 9 Stork

Tip 9:  Posture Break – One Leg Balance Strengthen Balance If you don’t balance, you fall down!  Our bodies would fall forward without muscles pulling...
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Day 8 Posture Break to Align

Tip 8:  Posture Break – Time to Align Wall Lean. The StrongPosture® motor control exercises (MCE) work by systematically aligning your perception of where your body...
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May is Posture Month! As Week 2 begins we’ll learn about exercises that are key to strengthening your posture and balance. This week we’ll focus...
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Day 7 Lengthen

Tip 7:  Posture Break – Time to Stretch Taking it to the mat for an evaluation. When people spend most of their lives sitting, over...
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Day 6 Climbing Stairs

Tip 6:  Walk Tall On Stairs Engage Your Core – Going Up, Going Down Using stairs is an opportunity for a posture exercise break. The key...
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Day 5 Strengthen Your Stride

Tip 5:  How to Walk Taller and Stronger Focus on PostureZone® Symmetry Having good posture is more than that moment in time captured when having a picture...
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Day 4 Sole Searching

Tip 4: Check Your Posture Foundation Stand Tall in Good Shoes Posture is how you balance your body, which starts with your feet, the foundation of...
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Day 3 Digital Habits

Tip 3: Change Your Tech Habits Smart Phone Life Habits Tech, texting and computing have made posture the new major public health issue.  Prevent neck pain,...
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Day 2 Sitting

Tip 2: Check Your Sitting Posture 3 Steps to Sit Taller Our parents said “sit up straight.”  But today phones, computers and other tech life habits...
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Day 1 Posture Check

Tip 1: Check Your Standing Posture 8 Points of Good Posture How’s your posture?   As we get older, gravity and the muscle weaknesses of weak...
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Week 1 – Awareness

May is Posture Month! Practitioners know there’s no such thing as perfect posture, but posture can be improved by strengthening how your body balances, aligns...
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Get Ready! is a global public health initiative to promote the impact posture has on your health. Join us now for “31 days to Stronger Posture“. Each...
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Posture Press

CBS News

Dr. Steven Weiniger, Director and Chiropractor shares the Posture Month campaign ACE Your Posture with news media....
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Posture and Happiness

“When someone’s unhappy, their posture shows it,” says posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger. “Body language expresses our mood...
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