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posture-month-sponsorWe’ve made walking a total body exercise that’s ideal for people of all ages and abilities.

Exerstrider, under its founder and CEO Tom Rutlin, pioneered fitness walking with specially designed poles. Our specially designed poles and simple techniques  are designed to get people fit for optimal living, and keep them fit for life!

Humans were born to walk. It’s in our DNA. What Tom Rutlin, total body walking pioneer and founder of Exerstrider, did beginning back in 1985 was to turn walking into a total body exercise by adding poles which are used much like poles are used in cross-country or “Nordic” skiing by walkers of any age any time and place they might otherwise just walk. Using poles in easy-to-learn, yet biomechanically specific ways turns ordinary walking into a total body version of walking that simultaneously activates the body’s entire “neuromyofacial web” of stabilizing and motion driving muscles, tendons, ligaments and neurological activity.

While walking significantly involves just 40% of the body’s total muscle mass, walking properly with poles activates around 90% of the body’s overall muscle mass – including core, arm, shoulder, chest and posture enhancing back and joint-stabilizing muscles. This significantly increases overall metabolic activity, stimulates improved muscle-contraction driven lymph system function, improves balance and posture, stimulates osteoblast activity, significantly increases both cardiac output and oxygen and nutrient vascular flow to cells throughout the body and brain. The strong “cross-crawl” or “diagonal stride” nature of total body walking also stimulates improved neurological function.

Exercise means “put to use”, and Exerstriding simply yet radically transforms walking by putting to use the entire body and all of its essential systems in a way not intended to “train” the body for increased “performance” ability, rather it “tunes” all the body’s systems in a way that optimizes the balanced function of the body’s systems and promotes optimal health and physical function without over stressing the body.

This is a whole body exercise form which can benefit both fully healthy and physically challenged individuals of all ages and abilities. It takes the exercise that is uniquely programmed into human DNA and by simply adding specially designed, highly ergonomic poles, and techniques of their use that can be learned in by people of all ages and abilities in just minutes transforms walking into a completely new exercise form. The significant additional benefits can be enjoyed any time, inside or outside, alone or with a group, and it frees people from the need to restrict their physical activity to class times and places as well as the need for long term supervision and training by in instructor.

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